The Science of Sound

Affects of Vibrational Sound Frequencies on the Human Body

Vibrational frequencies, sound, and resonance affects the human body in astounding ways.

Finding public regarding this subject can be a bit difficult  for many reasons. Managing one’s wellness without constant, professional intervention contradicts the current tends in the western pharmaceutical and medical industries.

The science, evidence and validation of how vibrational frequencies affect us both positively and negatively has existed for centuries. Many individuals, professionals, scientists and researchers are coming forward with undeniable, irrefutable evidence that vibrational frequencies are in fact, energy; that all matter, especially humans are comprised and regulated by energy. Additionally, the facts are that ferquencies affect the human body, including the physical , emotional and energetic anatomies.

I offer my sincere thanks to all the pioneers and brave souls who have dedicated their lives to learning and sharing these truths.


Research Ideas

Below are few names to consider when researching vibration, frequencies, sound, and their affects. Other links to people who have impacted my journey. This is an evolving list and will continue to grow as I do.

  • David Hulse
  • Nicola Tesla
  • Dr. Albert Abrams
  • Royal Raymond Rife
  • George Lakhovsky
  • Dr. Richard Gerber


  • Joseph Campbell
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Matt Kahn
  • Cindy Dale
  • Saundra Priest
  • Cindy Riggs
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Matt Kahn


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