Paul Vineyard

Certified Vibrational Sound Coach


I am a soul, a son, a husband, father, and friend. I am a family man. I am an empath. I am a student as well as a teacher and a spiritual healer.. 

I am many things to many people. Aren’t we all? However, on the topic of vibration wellness, energy, and healing, I am a passionate professional who has been working for several years, developing, training, and becoming certified in Vibrational Sound healing techniques.

Studying under David Hulse, founder of Soma Energetics, I found a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and genuine love for humanity. The techniques I learned through the wonderful vibrational-sound certification program has provided a foundation, from which I have continued developing the practice of vibrational sound healing as well as other spiritual and physical modalities such as reflexology, Reiki, the incorporation of essential oils, and several other techniques.

I have additionally been blessed with many mentors, who in their own right, true masters of the healing arts. these masters have openly and willingly shared their knowledge with me, knowing there is great potential for my generation, and for those to come.

It has been my personal belief and experience, that the world is shifting rapidly. Technology and science have begun a great relationship with knowledge passed down for centuries.  This merger is creating a new horizon for understanding how energy functions, how vibration and frequency are the hallmarks of energy, and how we, as humanity can serve each other by offering sound practices in healing and overall wellness.

The day has come, when highly aware professionals, throughout the medical and other industries have begun to recognize the benefit of integrative health practices and we now realize that a holistic approach to health is the only real solition that lasts.

I have dedicated the rest of my life toward understanding, learning, practicing and teaching all I can about these amazing gifts we all posses. This includes raising my children to be “energy aware” and capable of learning and managing their lives with dignity, grace and control over their own health and well being.

The world (all energy) is constantly shifting, evolving and teaching us more than we could have ever imagined, if we dare open our eyes to its wonders.

I invite those interested in what I say and do to contact me personally. I am always excited to share more information, on a personal level.

Thanks to each of you for caring enought to be here, right now.



Paul Vineyard – Certified Vibrational Sound Coach