Vibrational Wellness

Vibrational Wellness is the practice of knowing yourself as an energetic being, actively harnessing your energy and understanding how this energy affects you in every aspect of your life.

Sound Practices is dedicated to improving the quality of life for each client through compassion, understanding, and empowering our clients to achieve homeostasis, through vibrational wellness.

Using (vibrational or various healing) tools, we help establish energetic balance and harmony by working with each client through consultation, techniques, and education, to serve their highest good.

– Paul Vineyard, Certified Vibrational Sound Coach

Vibrational Sound Tools and Techniques

Using (vibrational or various healing) tools, we help establish energetic balance and harmony by working through an integrative approach including consultation, vibrational sound techniques, and education, to serve their highest good.

The primary modality used at Sound Practices is vibrational tuning forks. These precision instruments are tuned to various frequencies of the body, mind and spirit. These types of tuning forks relate to the physical and energetic bodies and allow the practitioner to focus in on each area of the body, to assist the client in achieving harmony. Results (as described by our clients) vary from subtle to significant, depending on client’s individual healing needs.

There is much renewed interest in the science of the body and this wonderful network of mass and energy. The study of sound frequency (vibration) and its affect on the human body has provided tremendous discoveries about both positive and negative affects of energy around us. Click here to learn more.

With intention, the Divine works through us to assist the client to return to homeostasis or balance allowing the body to make the corrections necessary to heal itself.  We do not heal anyone. All or our techniques are designed around this principle of Divine Healing through intention to bring balance. The tuning forks are a tool used to direct this divine healing energy. – David Hulse (SomaEnergetics

Paul Vineyard (CVSC)

Paul Vineyard is an accomplished healing facilitator. Paul is a Certified Vibrational Sound Coach, Practitioner and Teacher (Phase I). Working with the top certification programs (SomaEnergetics and the Natural Therapies Certification Board  for vibrational sound techniques. Paul is also certified in the doTERRA Aroma-touch technique, reflexology, and practices several other integrative techniques.

“I have been truly blessed to have been mentored by several renown masters, each in their own craft. These wise sages have seen the potential within me, and provided an environment in which to flourish.

It is my firm belief that the future of individual wellness lies in an integrative and holistic approach to


Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teaming, electromagnetic field of possibility or potential.” Deepak Chopra